We honour the great and the good of the dance music scene in 2015


Outstanding Contribution To Social Media: Artwork

We’ve embedded many a tweet and Instagram post by Artwork this year. The DJ and Rinse host has had a busy year building his ‘Art’s House’ parties, which bring the pick n mix flavours of his radio show to replica living room locations. In between shows, Artwork has earned his spot at the top of the Twitter class for his frankly ludicrous social media additions, including live tweeting train journeys, documenting his house building, retelling tales from his youth and taking down anything he feels slighted by.


Biggest Playground Bully: Deadmau5

Some of the craziest stories of the year have been driven by Deadmau5, who is crowned internet’s biggest arsehole. His prime target of Twitter fire offs has been Skrillex, an ex-mentee-done-better- over the summer the pair repeatedly mud slung at one another over Twitter, exchanging blows over Skrillex’s collaboration with a certain Justin Bieber and Deadmau5’s poor work as a label boss. Despite slightly redeeming himself towards the end of the year, for most of 2015 Deadmau5 cameacross as a man incapable of getting over his old friend’s success.


Most Back-Handedly Complimented Female: Alison Wonderland

The world rotates on its axis and women continue to make up for an evolution’s worth of being societal underdogs, however in the dance music world there remains a long way to walk. Festival line ups remain male heavy, music videos are as misogynistic as ever and Top 100 lists are decidedly riddled with penis. We weep as we hand Alison Wonderland the award for most back-handedly complimented female, after becoming the first female DJ to appear on Reddit’s Top 100 DJ’s list. She appeared in 109th place. COME ON WORLD.


Most Unlikely Threesome: Jack Ü and Justin Bieber

In a real twist of fate Justin Bieber, the world’s most disliked child star, has ended the year with an album critically acclaimed by people outside of the 5-18 year old female bracket. Quite the achievement for a chap whose most recent headlines had been peppered with bucket piss and monkeys left in German airports.


Biggest Disaster: Ten Walls

Ten Walls, presumably about to press the mute button on his career.

2015 was a bumper year in the colossal fuck up stakes, with oh so many to choose from. We had Robert Sillerman’s bungled re-privatisation of SFX, we had TomorrowWorld chaos, mass arrests at Hard Day of the Dead and deaths all over the place. But probably the biggest total fuck up came from Ten Walls, when he completely destroyed his career with a hate filled homophobic rant on Facebook. He then made matters worse by issuing one of the most half-assed apologies in living memory before finally trying to make amends by releasing a god awful track to support a LGBT charity.


Shocker of the Year: DJ EZ

When it came to totally blowing our tiny minds in 2015, DJ EZ is leagues ahead. Firstly, back in January, a photo emerged which seemed to prove that EZ and Annie Mac were child stars together in Tracey Beaker. Then, just as we accepted this as fact, EZ rocked our worlds again by coming out and declaring that it wasn’t him in the photos that were obviously photos of him. Everything went quiet for a few months after that – the benevolent EZ clearly giving us time to regroup – before BOOM. He takes to Twitter to announce that he’s decided to stop wearing Nike and thus STOP WEARING HIS TRADEMARK NIKE CAP. What the fuck EZ? Finally, presumably as a softener to the previous blow, he figures out how to use SoundCloud and drops two of the best UKG mixes we’ve ever heard.


Wasteman of the Year: TomorrowWorld Crowd Rimmer

...Who else?