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Want a handy ready-made opinion on the new Technics 1200?


So Technics have announced the release of a brand new version of their classic 1200 turntable, the SL 2000G. Will we all be rushing off to buy 12” imports again like in the 90s? Or has their time passed? 

Obviously, it’s obligatory for every DJ to have an opinion on the new 1200s but we’re all so busy these days, right? And, I don’t know, I used to have strong opinions on formats and stuff like that but lately I feel like I just don’t want to go through all those online arguments again, let alone wade through the inevitable memes.

Well listen up, if you haven’t got the time to formulate your own opinion on the new Technics 1200, worry not, let me assist. Pick any one of these ready-made polarised, everything-in-life-is-black-and-white, I’m-not-even-joking opinions that you can reel out at 4am in the smoking area to appear knowledgeable. 

You’re welcome:


1. It’s brilliant, vinyl is our heritage, it was the cornerstone of our tradition, true DJs only eat vinyl, everything’s been shit since digital, terrorists only happened since digital, I bet ISIS have got fuck-all vinyl.

2. This is just symptomatic of a backwards-looking hipster culture which wears its vinyl obsession like a badge of authenticity, while making very little real commitment to true vinyl culture. So fuck off granddad.

3. I’m already over this / I knew about this before you, these days I’m way more into artisan amber-gristing, digital-dogging and wilfully obscure sub-post-nu-steam-spunk.

4. There’s no fucking records shops, anyway is there?


Take your pick, any of them will do the job and will spare you the effort of assessing the wider cultural implications of the reintroduction of an older audio format playback delivery system.


Meanwhile, the world's DJs have taken to social media to voice their opinions:








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