It's simply astonishing that nobody thought of this sooner


Lets face it, it's 2016 and you have little-to-no need for a physical calendar. Wall calendars used to be all rage, the bankable Christmas gift you'd receive year in, year out from a not-so-close relative. They used to come in all sorts of varieties - you could get Simpsons calendars, Jurassic Park calendars, S-Club 7, Robot Wars, glamour models, firemen, cats, kittens, cats with kittens. 

The list was endless. 

Basically, if you had a passing interested in pretty much any subject, somebody, somewhere, had taken twelve near-identical photos of said subject and bound them together in a glossy calendar which you could buy in shops for £6.99 (pre-christmas) or £1.99 (post-christmas). But, like calculators, watches and lads mags, the mobile internet has come along and made them completely obsolete.

Which made it all the more surprising when we came across this calendar, the physical version of which you can actually buy with real money. The calendar features all your favourite DJs, tops off and guns out.

It appears that cueing tracks and matching beats is a more physically demanding job than we expected, as everyone from Ben UFO to Kerri Chandler are more shredded than Gary Barlow's Tax returns.

You can check out some of the photos below and cop the whole lot here.




You can view all twelve months and purchase the physical calendar here.