Having announced the official name of Crossrail will be ‘The Elizabeth Line’, Transport For London have released an image of what the tube network will look like in 2019




It might be a shock to the system at first glance, but the new map shows that the tangle of veins that make up the underground network will stretch out to include places that have never had their own tube stop.

It means that places like the stomping ground of the likes of the TOWIE lot will become tangible places, available to those with an Oyster card and a sense of adventure.

There are - apparently - a world of clubbing experiences to be had further afield than Zone Two.



The capital city of Essex. A mecca to all beefed up pilgrims of South East England. The home of TOWIE.

Sugar Hut

Eastern culture fused with Western ideals is the strap line of Sugar Hut, a club made famous by The Only Way Is Essex. Quite which part of Eastern culture is adopted Sugar Hut is unclear, but the TOWIE paradise will now be made accessible to more than just those willing to hire a mini bus. 


Just down the road from Sugar Hut is Eclipse, ‘Where the REAL people of ESSEX go to party’. Complete with an air of passive aggression, its site promises polite and courteous staff and the highest level of customer care, bolstered by extensive market research. “Box Fresh Pradas” are welcomed on the dress code. Ladies are encouraged to “be as flirtatious as you dare”.


West Drayton

West Drayton looks about as far away from central London as Scotland when you zoom in on the map, though its musical heritage might be of some interest.

The Music Box

The Music Box used to be the watering hole that would service employees of the EMI Records Factory, a now defunct warehouse where EMI vinyl would get cut. Still keen to hold onto their musical heritage, their website states the venue “has kept to the old traditions of being a great music venue for Bands and DJ’s and up and coming musicians who have been signed up for labels”. Bless.



Though long recognised as a part of London, Acton’s still one of those places where most people in the capital couldn’t point to on a map. Time for a change.

The Belvedere

A Polish style bar great for sports and DJs? Tak! This has to be the only place on a tube line where you can get a pint for less than two quid. Worth making the journey for.


Sign us up.

Custom House

A purpose built area of docklands made for Canary Wharf business types. This guy probably lives there.

LA Lounge

It does them drinks with sparklers in, and has a nice door policy by the looks of this video. Be dressing to impress.