Alison Wonderland's Aussie ones to watch


December 21st marks the first day of winter for the UK and as we're preparing for the festive season, lets turn our thoughts to our antipodean cousins, who have to put on a brave face and celebrate Christmas with sun, sea and sand. The poor dears.

Speaking of Australian, probably one of the absolute best people to come from there in recent years has been producer, DJ and classically-trained cellist, Alison Wonderland.

Alison has been a firm fixture on the international festival circuit since her breakout in 2013 with "Get Ready". Since then she's released her debut studio album and cracked the Australian Singles Chart top ten.

In honour of her latest track, "Messiah", which is a collaboration with fellow Aussie, M-Phazes, we asked Alison to create an exclusive Australian Producer Playlist.


Moonbase Commander - "Greyhound"

Moonbase is a producer from Sydney, I love the beats he makes, they're super grimey. I can see the jungle and drum & bass influence here as well as future beats. This track is definitely a staple in my sets.


Human Movement - "Dancing Room"

This track makes me want to dance in a sweaty warehouse for 8 hours straight. Really atmospheric bassy vibes.


Flume Ft. Vic Mensa - "Lose It" (Naderi Remix)

Naderi is a producer from Sydney. As I don't really have a current original of his to show, I chose this remix of "Lose It" by Flume. Naderi is one of my favourite producers, one of the most underrated in my opinion. I love how he takes electronic sounds and really puts emotion into it.


Hayden James - "Just A Lover"

Hayden has been a close friend of mine for a long time and I have seen him work hard and grow. All his music is fire. Amazing house producer who deserves every good vibe.


Mall Grab - "I've Always Liked Grime"

Low-fi house/techno... Mall is a young DJ/producer, I think he will be pretty big.


Kllo - "Bolide"

Kllo is a duo from Melbourne making dreamy electronic pop. I love it.


Alison Wonderland X M-Phazes is out now, listen to it here.


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