This is the video that's finally been debuted as a sort of 'trailer' for the night tube's immenent arrival



It's been doing the rounds since last year, though the less said about last year's shit show of a grand unveiling the better. The video opens with a man made of stars jumping for joy over the door of a permanently open tube station. Is this a coy reference to London’s very own star-man, David Bowie, or sly recognition that the majority of people who’ll be riding the night tube will be filled entirely with self-inflicted fairy powder?

His first stop is a pharmacy, code for now you don’t need to go to the emergency room! Go to the chemist instead and stock up on echinacea, because winter is indeed coming and because our NHS is over-subscribed and under-funded.

Moronically the Night Tube organisers have deigned to open the Jubilee and Northern Lines last. That's right, the two glorious services which will get you to our welcoming doorstep are still TBA.

All is not last, however, as getting to Ministry on the Central and Victoria lines are reasonably easy if you’re minded to get off at the following stops and catch the relevant buses.


-    Brixton: 333, 35, 196, 133, 45,

-    Liverpool Street: 344, 100, 155, 360, C10


We’re getting the full length of the Jubilee the important part of the Northern in an ambiguously titled ‘Autumn 2016’, which means that hopefully by Christmas you’ll be able to tube it right to our front door, or failing that, ten minutes up the road. Thank you Sadiq.

Finally, the logo. ‘Free The Night’; a sort of fantastical statement that conjures up images of star filled people roaming in and out of 24 hours Superdrugs and partying in endless clubs that don’t have licensing issues or are being threatened with closure because of developers.

Whatever, though. Finally this city becomes open to those who have a reason to not go to bed and for that we are openly grateful. Bring on the 19th of August, and whenever ‘Autumn 2016’ turns out to mean.


We’re waiting for you.