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Guys... I thought we’d come a long way in the last year



Didn’t we just realise that American bro-tastic big room might be the worst thing to happen to music in the last decade? We’ve seen how it’s sexist and we’ve seen enough DJ’s slagging off their involvement with it. Apparently it’s on its way to being dead anyway, so how is it still managing to raise its ugly, glow in the dark head?

Back in June, the idea of Pete Tong musically advising an EDM film seemed too sad to be true. The idea was shelved but it's back, with a trailer, the backing of Netflix and a cast of people you might remember from sitcoms past.

Impossibly, it actually looks worse than We Are Your Friends, the film widely considered to be one of many nails in the coffin of EDM. It's out on August 26th, where we imagine it'll be bookmarked by people who went to Ultra, but given up on half way through.



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