Look at all the fun everyone had at Eastern Electrics


A few weeks ago we celebrated the first real day of a-little-bit-to-hot-actually weather by jumping on the train to Hatfield House for our favourite one-dayer, Eastern Electrics. 

We've been hanging out with the EE gang since April, when we convinced Skream to DJ to confused Central London office workers from a rickshaw. Then they invited us out again in June to join Eats Everything as he threw a chaotic (in a good way) party on a double decker bus. And now the main event had arrived so we were justifiably excited.

Loading up with beers and pre-mixed rum & cokes we got on the train and were thrilled to find Andy from Groove Armada was sat beside us. He told us we should go see him later when he headlined the Switchyard, which we did and it was incredible. He also educated us on the importance of sustainable farming, but we were a little tipsy by then and we're ashamed to say we've forgotten most of it now.

When we arrived we headed straight out into the field as we had a really good idea for a hilarious video that you all would've really enjoyed watching. Unfortunately everyone was too busy dancing to the Martinez Brothers and Seth Troxler to pay any attention to our admittedly puerile questions so we had to bin that idea pretty quickly and hit the Skreamizm tent to catch Derrick Carter, Boddika and Skream, himself, pummel the crowd with a barrage of hard-hitting house and techno.

After that things get a little hazy, but we did manage to fulfil our promise to Andy, by catching the last twenty minutes of Groove Armada's set, which ended with us jumping around to "Superstylin" like crazed wallabies.

Tickets for next year's event aren't on sale yet, but you should definitely buy them from here when they're announced.

In the meantime, see if you can spot your mates in these fantastic photos from Chris Bethell



All photos by Chris Bethell


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