Get a rare glimpse into the world of Sonny Moore before he was a superstar


Skrillex's 2009 page.


Just before Christmas the dance music corners of The Internet lost their collective shit, after a determined redditor managed to track down Skrillex's Myspace page from 2009. The page shows Sonny Moore in the throws of his transition from screamo poster boy to dubstep missionary. It's probably most interesting for the range of flyers sporting the now headline talent in supporting slots for a range of mostly forgotten DJs. 



But now we have even bigger news for you, because another even more determined redditor has unearthed Skrillex's Myspace Page from - drum roll - 2006! Yes, via the magic of Web Archive, we can have a good long look at Sonny Moore, before Skrillex. This is a Sonny Moore who is the vocalist of up and coming post-hardcore band, From First to Last. This is a Sonny Moore who has just released his second album and has made his first appearance on the Billboard 200. 

This is Sonny Moore before he was a star.


Skrillex's 2006 page, check out the full profile here.

Unfortunately his profile picture hasn't survived the intervening decade. But there are still a lot of hints that this page belonged to THE Skrillex.

Lets take a look at the evidence.


His Profile

As you can see from the above screen grab, even way back then he was using the 'Skrillex' name as his online identity, but that on it's own isn't really enough. We can see that his age adds up - Sonny is 28 now, but his location - The Netherlands - doesn't. The only other bit of evidence in the profile is the line "Stop making that big face!" which could be a reference to Sonny's love and admiration of Aphex Twin. 

Lets continue...


His Details

Well obviously he wasn't divorced or a 5' 4" body builder. But he is a Capricorn and we can definitely imagine an 18 year old Skrillex describing himself as an 'adventure seeker. creater. destroyer.' Modern day Skrillex definitely smokes and drinks, but maybe he was more pure back then.


His Music Taste

His music taste is exactly the kind of expansive list you'd expect from an 18 year old Skrillex. And indeed Sonny has identified many of the artists mentioned as inspirations during interviews.


His Blurb

This couldn't be more Skrillex, could it? A guy who's keen to make a lot of friends, have a good time and ignore the hate. It's actually really reassuring to see that even after a decade of transformation, fame and fortune, he's still very much the same happy guy.


His Friends Comments

And finally we have probably the most rock solid evidence of the lot: a comment from an 'Absolut Kelsey' that says; "heroine was 25 on the billboards". Heroine, the second album by From First To Last did indeed reach number 25 in 2006, so this pretty much guarantees that the profile belongs to the one and only Sonny Moore.

Well done Internet! Now lets try and find Diplo's Friends Reunited page, kay?


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