We know how to make your senses tingle


First, we brought you a 360-degree sonic experience, really giving you the chance to feel the sound as it bounces around over 60 new speakers installed in The Box.

Since the success of this brand new surround sound clubbing experience, we want to take your senses one step further. Ministry of Sound is bringing you a clubbing concept that brings a whole new meaning to the terms ‘musical flavour’.

Taste The Bass will open both your mind and your mouth; allowing the trickle of the treble to slip down your throat, making your whole body really feel the music. We’re pleased to be pairing up with SNSOWVES, an exhilarating new South London start up who are pioneering a clubbing technology like no other.



SNSOWVES have worked to harness the power of the tongue, experimenting with sound waves and their impact on not only external parts of the body, but internal too. SNSOWVES believe that in order to fully cherish the experience of sound, you need to allow it to enter your body via every entrance possible.

The brand new technology ignites as the waves of music break over the tongue, like foam on a shoreline. Newly installed sensors will emerge from the speakers, navigating and immersing every clubber in The Box. As the music bounces around on your tongue, feel your whole body react as it masticates the sound.

Taste The Bass is something we’re truly thrilled to be bringing you. It once again puts Ministry of Sound at the forefront of club culture, proving us as true pioneers in sound, musical excellence, and now brand new sensory experiences. Dates of nights when you can experience the magic are to be revealed soon.