Ministry of Sound know about blending clubbing and tourism


We do it pretty well here; seasoned ravers mingle with dance music fans with ease every weekend. Elsewhere, clubbing is a little more exclusive. 

For many, the Berghain is more of an idea- like heaven or hell, say- than a reality. Its notorious door policy has given it a reputation as being one of the world's hardest clubs to get into. 

There are theories around the do's and don'ts of getting in, though none seem to be foolproof. Going in big groups seems out of the question, as does being foreign, wearing anything other than black and in some suppositions, being a straight man. 

Last year, VICE Germany got photography duo Benedikt Brandhofer and Leif Marcus to snap people who had been turned away from the steely doors of Berghain. Men and women, alone and in pairs, the one thing they have in common is they're all wearing black. Which doesn't help anything, does it.


These ladies came from Russia, and think their rebuttal came because of their nationality. 

This guy has got in several times before, corroborating the theory that the Berghain isn't a trusted lover. 

These chaps are Swedes, and despite wearing precisely what people suggest you should wear to get in, they still failed. 

This is Tomec, who doesn't look particularly miserable about rejection.

So this lady got in (!), but was promptly thrown out again, for committing the cardinal sin of taking photos. Big no go in Berghain.


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