Hernan Cattaneo and Henry Saiz weigh in on each other's best tracks


Ahead of going back-to-back for three hours in The Box, Hernan and Henry pick three choice tracks related to each other – with Henry going for music from Hernan’s Sudbeat record label.



Hal Incandenza – "Ventura" (Dub Mix)

Hernan Cattaneo: It’s hard to choose between so many great tracks, but Ventura is definitely one of the best from Henry. Great grooves and top melodic summer vibes work really well when I play it out in the club.


Henry Saiz – "We Are All"

"We Are All", I think was my introduction to Henry’s sound around 2008. Super hypnotic and danceable, the perfect combination! Then he went on to make an unbelievable slow version for my "Renaissance" compilation, can’t get enough of that mix!


Henry Saiz - "Madre Noche"

Wow at that monster bassline from Henry. Should be called progressive funk, it has an amazing energy and melody.



Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile – "Infoxication" (Chaim Remix)

Henry Saiz: Chaim did a great job remixing this track by Hernan and Soundexile, I love the Tel Aviv vibes in it!


Jos & Eli - "Insomnia"

This track is amazing on the dancefloor, it has this super cool and playful groove that takes you to the zone!


Black 8  - "When The Sky Turns Red"

This epitomises why Sudbeat is a great label, you can recognise its distinctive sound in every release - and that's very hard to achieve nowadays. Hernan is a superb selector and this track is a bomb.


Hernan and Henry will be going B2B for three hours at The Gallery on Friday 15th April, get your tickets here.