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You'll know Alan Walker from his top 10 hit, "Faded"


The Norwegian teenager came into public consciousness the same way anyone his age does nowadays: by pooling resources and promoting himself through the internet.

From finding a track on YouTube (find out which below) to going on to create a track that now has almost 200 million streams on YouTube, Alan Walker's influences are varied as they are conscientious. Film scores weigh in heavily and it's fascinating to read what Walker takes from them in order to create his own music.


1.) Ahrix – "Nova"

The track Nova by Ahrix is probably one of the tracks that have had the biggest influence on shaping Alan Walker as an artist and creating the ‘Alan Walker Style’. The melodies and the way the track progresses are what’s so unique and its what inspired me to create Fade which later on became Faded.


2.) Steve Jablonsky - "Leave Planet Earth Alone"

To me, this is one track that has inspired me a lot since I first heard it in the Transformers Age of Extinction movie. The way it progresses in the beginning and with the guy singing which makes it so uplifting makes it so spectacular!


3.) K-391 – "Godzilla 2015"

Since I first started making music, K-391 has also been one of my biggest inspirations when it comes to music production. With the track Godzilla he inspired me to mess around with different instruments etc. And also tempering with the tempos in my tracks which has become a hallmark for the genre or the music which I produce today.


4.) Hans Zimmer – "Time"

I would say that Time by Hans Zimmer is one of the movie soundtracks that inspires me the most today. Its one of my personal favourites and it’s so outstanding. The way it progresses and just builds up the atmosphere is just remarkable!


5.) Steve Jablonsky – "Arrival To Earth"

I would say that this is also one of the movie soundtracks which have had a major influence on my music today. Uplifting melodies is pretty much everything to anything that inspires me to put together a musical piece.


Alan Walker’s ‘Faded’ is out now on Relentless. Watch the official video here.


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