UK DJs have rallied behind the junior doctors


As the junior doctors enter their second day of strike action against a new employment contract being imposed on them by Health Minister and vaudeville villain, Jeremy Hunt, it's not just the loony left that are standing behind the doctors.

UK DJs have been using their social media clout and local celebrity to support the cause, with many of them taking to Twitter and Instagram to praise the doctors while condemning Hunt.

While at first it might seem strange for DJs to be so supportive of the junior doctors, the parallels between the NHS and the UK's dance scene are obvious - both are open to people of all backgrounds, promote values of caring and acceptance and are irrefutably British.

So while the doctors take to the picket line and Jeremy has a quick reread of the book he wrote on how to privatise the NHS, lets have a look at how UK DJs have been supporting the junior docs.



The usual suspects, Casstteboy, only released their Jeremy Hunt bashing version of YMCA's karaoke classic "Young Man" yesterday, but they've already racked up over 200,000 views. Never ones to shy away from a political message Cassetteboy have remixed everyone from Nick Clegg, to David Cameron to Mitt Romney.



DJ, producer and newly-crowned King of the Internet, Artwork, has lent his support to the doctors. Taking a break from pulling of astonishing feats of public transport Pizza delivery, Art offered to clear up the whole business by representing the doctors in an after school punch up.


Eats Everything

While Artwork made his point through humour, Eats Everything was able to inspire solidarity with a personal touch.


Hospital Records

While our DnB pals at Hospital Records released a special charity tee with proceeds going to support the doctors.


Jonny Banger

The Swamp 81 host and Sports Banger genius has been on a mission to support the junior doctors from day one. Not content with releasing NHS Sports Banger tees and hoodies, Jonny's been travelling around London putting up NHS posters, tweeting messages of support and featuring junior doctors' personal stories on his Instagram. His NHS clobber has also been sported by a range of DJs, including...








And, of course, Artwork.


Lets hope the junior doctors pull through, because their victory party is going to have one hell of a line up.


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