We dressed our intern up as 'Inspector Norse' and sent him on a mission at SW4



Not a lot of people know this, but the titular "Inspector Norse" from Todd Terje's breakout cosmic disco track is, in fact a real inspector. The Inspector splits his time between solving Scandinavian homicides and scouring UK festivals for the cream della cream of the nation's party people. Once he's found these shining beacons of humanity he rewards them with the hottest tickets in town - in this case VIP wristbands to Todd Terje's SW4 After Party at our very own club.

"But, how does he sort the wheat from the chaff? How do I too impress the inspector and earn my reward?!" I hear you yell, desperately into your mobile devices. Well it's simple really, he asks prospective candidates to vigorously 'sing' his world-conquering theme tune, directly into his face. And those people who are confident enough (and drunk enough) to rise to the occasion will find themselves having the night of their lives, getting on down with Todd Terje and The Inspector on the best dancefloor in the world.


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