We've got some prime cuts of beef for you this week


From tips of advice to duck and hide defence tweets, this week's round up is a veritable batch of angered DJs.

First up, it's the mildly wounded TEED.

Because it's never fun to be caught out by autocorrect, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs lays a heads up to accidental chest pervs. Shout out to TEED for turning his beef into a friendly word of self help!

From mildly wounded to incredibly foolish, 

This kind of beef comes about when the whole of the Internet calls you out for being a creep. After record label Berceuse Heroique tweeted about following women around in order to stare at them, they faced a barrage of condemning responses. 

Look who wiggled out of the woodwork!

SHUSH SNEAK! After your beef flinging with Armand Van Helden last week, nobody cares about anything you have to say. Those three stars are from your parents and brother. 

Finally, some tired weather warnings from E-Fi:

This has apparently been the fifth year in a row that the Express have reported on how this year's winter will be the coldest ever. Eclair Fifi has been counting y'see.