For our final bit of Daft Punk Day fun, we scoured the Internet to track down the very best Daft Punk merchandise around


Vinyl DJ Booth Clock

Some Etsy genius has created the above and is now flogging it on the Internet, guaranteed to give you "The Prime Time Of Your Life".


Christmas Baubles

Even though summer's still hanging on, major retailers would have you believe Christmas is 'right around the corner' so this year why not give your tree a bit of futuristic French style, with these hansom helmet baubles.


Action Figures

All manner of Daft Punk action figures are available online, but they've just announced that a new range featuring the robots in their Grammy Awards get-ups will be available early next year.


Massive Bearbricks

For those not in the know, Bearbricks are sort of like the hipster version of Lego men. A few years back they released the Daft Punk Bearbricks 1000. That's 1000 times bigger than the standard size! They're pretty difficult to find now, but if you have the funds and the drive, you can usually pick up a set for in the region of FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS on ebay.


Tron Headphones

We can't vouch for the sound quality of these, as we've never actually seen them IRL. But as they're modelled on the robot's costumes from TRON: Legacy, we can guarantee they'll turn some heads on the bus home.



Back in June Daft Punk announced their new "Aerodynamic" skateboards in two colour ways.


Around The World Slinky

We're not really sure where this came from as we found it on a forum, all we know is we really want one.



The official Daft Punk store has a solid range of pretty left-field merchandise, but this yoyo (and the accompanying poster) is definitely our favourite.


Crescendolls T-Shirt

Your Daft Punk merchandise doesn't have to feature Thomas and Guy-man, The Crescendolls are a fictional band and heroes of Daft Punk's second DVD Interstellar 5555. Show your deeper appreciation of the Daft Punk oeuvre with this unofficial 'band' tee.


Custom LED Helmet

If you're not messing about and you've got the big bucks, custom made helmets can be found on ebay, etsy and elsewhere on the Internet. The range from about £100 to almost £1000. The one above is probably our favourite and goes for north of £300. But don't worry if you don't have that kind of cash to throw around, you could always have a go at making one yourself.


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