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After #piggate shook the Internet this week, we thought it only right to incorporate a little pork into Beef Of The Week


In particularly meat flavoured fashion, this week has seen commentators far and wide loose their shit at the idea of our Prime Minister putting his special areas into the mouth of a pig. As expected, a few of our favourite mouthy DJs weighed in on the ordeal.


Hudson Mohawke approached the incident with realism rarely seen in a DJ.

We very much hope he was jesting with us.


Others took the situation with a level of brevity. Manchester's Chimpo, for example, hammered home what everyone seemed to be thinking.


As did Artwork, who is fast becoming a beef of the week plat du jour! Man has something to say on every funny occasion, and for that we thank him.

Here, here Arthur!


And finally, an under celebrated Twitter sensation, it's Rustie, the mild mannered genius. 

















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