We first heard A-Minor via his addictive remixes of the likes of Aaliyah and Bipolar Sunshine



We're lucky enough to be featuring him as our SoundOf pick of the week. Have a listen to the mix and read his thoughts on it below.


"I wanted to put together a snapshot of the dance tracks that are inspiring me right now as a producer. I’m really drawn to this wave of Nu Disco sounds that have come alive this year. I grew up on a lot of Hip Hop & Soul and it’s a real art to get that kind of swing on a 4/4 dance track, so hearing producers get it right is refreshing.

I had to show some support for the UK scene with the new SYV track. Kind of speaks for itself - banger. I also featured the Disciples and Unorthodox remix of "How Deep Is Your Love”. I think because the original mix is so strong people haven’t paid much attention to it, but the build on it is stunning."

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