ADE starts today and we’ve been fed all sorts of tittle tattle about what goes on


At a conference during which the city of Amsterdam apparently doubles in size, apparently it's OK to go and hassle people because they look like they could give you a job, or pretend you give a shit about a particular artist in order to get drunk for free. It all sounds vaguely ridiculous to us, so the following rumours we're going to investigate, for the sake of common decency.


Going to a club alone is totally acceptable

When friendship and DJ loyalty come to blows, the only thing left to do is split. Which is apparently why clubs at ADE are full of lone rangers, brought together over the love of a line up. It sounds like a glorious world to us,  so one man/woman party wagons, hit us up. We want to see this proven!


Wearing a lanyard puts you at the top of the social hierarchy

Thought wearing a badge with your name on it makes you the same level of cool as someone who works in IT? Not at ADE. Apparently ‘the badged ones’ are the ones you need to know. They’re the big dogs. They’re the ones who hold the keys to your next record deal, your free entry to every club in the world, your next zero hours contract-unpaid internship. Watch out for them.


Everyone is a dickhead

This kind of takes a hit from point two. ADE is as much a ‘networking event’ as it is a party, meaning that those who have come to attend for those purposes are out to get something. Queue streets littered with business cards, blatant displays of self-promotion and more peacocking than you see on a sunny evening in Ibiza.


ADE branded pills are doing the rounds

Whether this is the festival’s seedier underside keeping drug use in house, or just some Dutch dealer with a good sense of humour, there’s rumours of a highly dangerous ADE pill going round. Dosage of the pill range from 125 mg to 300mg, which is enough for an eyebrow raise, seeing as the “acceptable” dose for an adult is 75mg. We'll keep our ears to the ground regarding sightings and any statements issued about the pills from Dutch health organisation, Trimbos.


Only 1 in 5 people at a free bar party know anything about where they are

We definitely made this statistic up, but we’ll be taking a survey at the next free party we’re invited to.


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