Paul Oakenfold talks Perfecto, blasts the BRITS and announces his plan to save London's nightclubs



The legend that is Paul Oakenfold stopped by SW4 to play a special 25 Years of Pefecto set back in August. Not ones to pass up opportunities to shoot the breeze with one of the fore founders of modern clubbing, we cornered him for a chick chat.

As wise as ever, Oakie talked to us about why he thinks so many London clubs are closing and his views on how to fix it. Using The BRITS as a specific example of a wider trend, Oakie reckons the UK needs to acknowledge the vital cultural role played by dance music and club culture and stop closing our bloody clubs! We don't know about you, but we'd vote for Paul to take over from Boris in a heartbeat!


Paul will continue to do his bit for London nightlife by playing a 25 Years of Perfecto Set in our club tomorrow night.


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