Living legend, Armand Van Helden runs us through the hot or nots of the 90s



The 90s have been experiencing a cultural renaissance for a minute now and it seems that everywhere you go there's someone in a Jurassic Park shirt or light up trainers. But while we wholeheartedly support the return of the 90s, we're also acutely aware that for every All Saints there was an Aqua.

As our memories of the 90s are a sugar-high blur of cartoons, cassettes and Coco Pops, we decided the only way to sort the wheat form the chaff was to ask someone old enough to get the 90s right the first time around.

And who better to ask than Armand Van Helden? By all accounts Armand bossed the 90s - he topped the charts with hits like "You Don't Know Me", "Funk Phenomena" and "Flowerz", he became a style icon and one of the first real superstar DJs. 

When we heard he was coming to the UK for a special 'All 90s Set' at Ceremony Festival we jumped at the chance to get the definitive rundown of what was and wasn't cool about the 90s straight from the legend's mouth.

We made a list of all the 90s stuff we could think of and bombarded Armand with them before he took to the decks. The game was simple - answer "90s" if it rocked and "Nah" if it sucked. So without further ado, here's Armand Van Helden's 90s or Nah.


Armand's contribution to our prestigious Masterpiece series is out now.


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