Dmitri Vegas & Like Mike are probably floating on a man-made cloud of self-satisfaction right now


Having just won the increasingly controversial prize of number one DJ in the world (as voted for by DJ Mag readers) the duo beat off last year’s champ, Hardwell, as well as bookies favourite, Martin Garrix. It’s an incredible feat for the brothers, who have flown up an impressive 37 places in three years.

There's an astonishing amount of huff and puff about these two having won, with arguments swirling around about rigged voting and over-zealous marketing campaigns. For those unbothered about wading through the bullshit to find a real reason, these four are proving quite popular right now.


Reason Number 1

This is Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, playing Nickleback’s 'classic rock' anthem “How You Remind Me”. Is there any need to elaborate on why this video is a reason behind people questioning their spot as 'the people's choice'? 


Reason Number 2

Leaving fans truly 'waiting for the drop', DV&LM are seen here turning around to hassle the man who appears to be DJ'ing on their behalf.


Reason Number 3

This is an actor popularly known as ‘The Tiger of Bollywood’ (real name is Salman Kahn). In the video he tells viewers to vote for DV&LM, as part of a campaign to rally India into voting for the duo. As of yet, 338 people have watched it. India’s population is 1.2 billion: you do the maths.


Reason Number 4

If particular artists are trying to rid the stereotype of EDM artists enjoying nothing but misogyny, animal cruelty and general bad behaviour, this video for 'The Hum' does well to perpetuate it, over and over again. Because hiring Charlie Sheen to star in your music video is really hammering home how much you love making music.