The most awaited album of the year is being released on the 20th of November


Just in time for Christmas, Adele will be releasing her third album, 25. At least four of the tracks on it will become inescapable parts of your daily life for the next year. As they permeate into every aspect of your waking life, you'll be forgiven for thinking that she's only capable of making music for drunk mums at karaoke and recently-broken-up-with sad lads. But just when it seems like you can't take one more second of a weepy piano ballad, boom in comes a four-to-the-floor remixed weapon, that makes you sheepishly nail your colours to the mast and say, "alright yeah, that's actually a bit of a banger, that one."

We have these producers to thank for helping us remember that despite her weepy credentials, Adele's tracks are just as dance floor sustainable as anybody else's. I mean there's got to be some reason why she's won all those Grammy's, right?


Thank You Jamie xx For Your shuffle Version Of "Rolling In The Deep"

Jamie xx’s ability to transform the most delicate fragments of music into songs that carry great power marks him out as one of the most exciting producers around. His shuffle remix of "Rolling In The Deep" deconstructs the original, turning it from a Porsche into a Prius via a relentless hand clap and a single steel drum. The best. 


Out Of The Fire And Into The Flames Came "Rolling In The Heat"

When a track is a remix (of a remix) it errs on the side of complication, but when it’s this good, who cares. The Heatwave are London’s dancehall and bashment kingpins, the finest purveyors of Carnival-esque sounds with their now legendary Hot Wuk parties. Sensing the potential for batty riding exploitation on Jamie xx’s shuffle, enter three of Kingston’s great lyrical flexers: Cecile, Timberlee and Mr Lexx, who take out Adele’s belting lyrics and replace them with a few to rival. 


From The Streets Of London To Its Dancefloors

Provided as an official remix to "Hometown Glory", High Contrast’s re-imagining of Adele’s ode to London takes you through twenty four hours of the capital, from the middle of Hyde Park to a Ministry of Sound dancefloor in the blink of wide pupil-ed eye. There’s a certain sort of early hours beauty to this - just as we think Adele would have intended. 


Basement Jaxx And Adele Spend An Afternoon In A Games Arcade

An unsung hero of Adele remixes. Basement Jaxx burst in on "Cold Shoulder" in the playful way only they know how, taking it out with a punch that hits like the smack of a Mortal Kombat Finisher. Taking the whimsical rhythm section of the original and adding a lazer beam bassline to it, Felix and Simon take Adele down the arcade for a go on the dodgems on this one.