Founded in 2013, Selected are by name and nature some of the internet's most influential curators



The Berlin born music sharing society connect with fans via a YouTube channel of tracks that have racked up millions of views. What's more, their net of uploads is spread so vast that there's a strong chance they're responsible for some of songs you've loved this year; their biggest tracks of late have been EDX's version of Sam Feldt's "Show Me Love" and Flume's "Tennis Court" remix.

Specialising in the sort of house and deep house that lends itself perfectly to an effortless pre-party soundtrack (they've branched out to Spotify too), Selected are now able to release the music they love on their label. We're pleased to be able to host their first mix as they grow a branch on their ever blooming tree of musical offerings.

"It felt good to finally do our own mix, as all the mixes we've put online before have been guest mixes. We wanted to show you new & coming releases we're listening to at the moment. There are also some tracks which strongly connect with our brand identity, Selected "classics" so to say. You'll also find an unreleased track by M-22 in this mix. We really like the sound these guys are putting out and love to push local artists from Germany." - Selected


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