It was all about the terrifying Twitter tussles this Halloween weekend


It all got a bit frightful on Twitter over Halloween weekend as two of the industry's biggest stars descended into YET ANOTHER Twitter spat. When last these two titans of dance came to blows on the keyboard, it stemmed from a parody track Deadmau5 made of "Where Are U Now". Deadmau5 has not been shy to denounce Justin Bieber in the past and it seemed that when his old pal Sonny teamed up with teen star, it was too much for the mouse-eared DJ.

This time, however, it was Skrillex that fired the opening volleys, Tweeting early Sunday morning to Joel that he felt his behaviour was letting down the acts signed to Mau5Trap Records (which released Skrillex's debut back in 2010).

After a few well aimed shots and one of the most pretentious uses of the praying hands emoji we've ever seen, it didn't take long for the renowned Twitter troll to hit back. To his credit, Deadmau5 showed a little more restraint that we're used to and instead opted for a well aimed shot at 'the lil popstar'.

Once Sonny had returned the volley, Joel seemed to lose interest and simply asked "can I go to bed now?"

To which Skrillex sent probably the most inflamatory tweet of the whole exchange.

Mau5 countered with the above tweet, but was met with a wall of silence, before finally remarking to nobody in particular...

Probably the only 100% true statement of the whole exchange right there tbh.