Self proclaimed “nomadic boogie crew and purveyors of unique parties in awesome spaces” Percolate came to SE1


When the glittering line-up for London based party crew Percolate’s third birthday was released we knew we had to go. Unfortunately arriving at Corsica Studios too late to catch any of versatile Londoner K15’s set, it was straight in to Room 1 to see Berlin beatmaker Marquis Hawkes. Hawkes is on fire at the moment, releasing his brilliant house EP Sweet last month on Fabric imprint Houndstooth, and he did not disappoint, managing to keep the energy on a nice level throughout his set. However, unfortunately for everyone, he didn’t have this Whitney classic on him.



Stepping up next was, I’m sure, many peoples’ pick of the night: Andrés. What is there to say about Detroit legend DJ Dez that hasn’t already been said? The guy’s been doing it since I was at nursery school and he showcased his knowledge, experience and talent in a set dripping with class.



Meanwhile in Room 2, fan favourite Mosca was doing what Mosca does with a weighty SEVEN hours of underground house and techno. He definitely had some diehards in because I saw the same heads in the same spots hour after hour while going between rooms. Amongst the heavier stuff were sprinklings of hip-hop and dancehall; a particular pleaser of which he shared the day after on his Facebook page.



The surprise package of the night, however, was in the third room – restaurant by day, party by night The Columbian. Percolate residents Krywald and Farrer were left to curate the room themselves, inviting a groove-heavy bunch of pals including Hackman and DJ Caspa. A heady mix of disco, funk, house and electro meant for an extremely energetic vibe in The Columbian throughout the night.

In the graveyard shift were London trio Dark Sky to wrap up proceedings with their suitably and expectedly darker sound. They kept the dancers dancing until the early hours and topped off a fittingly excellent night for Percolate’s birthday celebrations.