Ministry of Sound LIVE is bringing you the best curated music for free, 24 hours a day


Wouldn't it be amazing if there was some sort of service that you could trust, everyday to just play you the best tracks 24/7. Well you're in luck - because we just invented it. Ministry of Sound LIVE is our new app and streaming service that will play you the biggest tunes all the time, every time at the touch of a button. Oh yeah and it's FREE too.

In celebration of the momentous occasion, we've been picking our absolute favourite songs from each of our on-demand LIVE channels. Today, it's the turn of I AM RAVER- which basically means here's ten of the very biggest BIG TUNEs, that have ever made a dancefloor bounce.


Alex Metric & Steve Angello - "Open Your Eyes" Ft. Ian Brown

Tickets for the Stone Roses reunion went on sale today, and you probably didn't get them. So just blast this instead, it'll make you feel better. Promise.


Calvin Harris - "The Girls"

We miss you old Calvin, a legend of the highest order. Please come back to us, one day.


Darude - "Sandstorm"

This is such a banger that YouTube installed a "Sandstorm" button on every single video for April Fools Day this year.


Eric Prydz - "Pjanoo"

I once saw Eric play an extended version of this at Warehouse Project that was about twenty five minutes long and it was basically just pure euphoria in a can (or warehouse).


Faithless - "We Come 1"

Twenty years in the game and this still sounds fresh. Faithless, we need you back for good.


Fatboy Slim - "Right Here Right Now"

I'm probably wrong, but I feel that if Fatboy Slim didn't exist, dance music might never have broken into the mainstream.


Ian Van Dahl - "Castles In The Sky"

Fun Fact: Every single Uber driver you'll ever have, will give you a five star rating if you blast this and scream "OH TELL ME WHY, DO WE BUILD CASTLES IN THE SKY?" at the top of your lungs for the whole journey. 


Robert Miles - "Children"

For some reason this always reminds me of late 90s birthday parties in leisure centre function rooms. To me this is the sound of caterpillar cake and Kappa tracksuits - anyone else?


The Chemical Brothers - "Galvanize"

Probably the best live act in dance music, one of the all time greats and one of their catchiest tracks.


Tiesto - "Adagio For Strings"

You can saw what you like about 2015 Tiesto and his 7UP advertising vehicles, but this will always be a 10/10 banger.


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