With just over a month until Bugged Out Weekender 2016, we've got the lowdown on the can't miss off-the-dancefloor activities


All Night Arcade

It's 4am, on a Saturday in January. You've just seen a newly de-capped DJ EZ destroy the main room with a quick fire selection of old and new UKG. You feel you need to step out for a bit of air and a regroup, but where do you go? Well how about a bloody massive arcade with all the games from your youth and a whole load of other ones you've never seen before. Go shoot some zombies, race your mates and have a ride on that weird space shuttle thing. Then get straight back in the main room - Âme are doing a live show in a minute.


DJ Go Kart Grand Prix

2014 saw the inaugural Mad Wi It Crazy Golf Tournament. Hosted on the Bognor Regis mini golf course, teeing off at 6:00am Sunday morning, Jackmaster, Skream and Artwork clashed as an enraptured crowd looked on. This year however, Bugged Out will be taking things up a notch with a DJ Go Kart Grand Prix. With the 2016 weekender being Jackmaster's 30th Birthday, you can expect heavy and rowdy support coming from his Scottish countrymen. Make sure you're there to witness what's sure to be one of the greatest events in Sporting history. 


Bicep's Hot Tub Jamz

One of the more unique elements of the BOW are the afternoon pool parties in Splash Waterworld. It's basically the exact same as a Croatian boat party, but with less sun and no boat. There are water slides, inflatables and a wave machine. Plus one of the most exciting DJ duos in the scene will be soundtracking the whole thing.


24 Hour Pizza To Your Hotel Room!!!1!1!

What's the best way to follow an Armand van Helden B2B Jackmaster B2B Skream B2B East Everything set? Well a Papa Johns delivered direct to your hotel room is a pretty good start.


Have a look at how much fun we had at the 2015 weekender here


Rave Karaoke

When you're having a messy weekend with your mates it can sometimes be difficult to muster the enthusiasm for the final night out. The weight of two sleepless nights and two hungover afternoons can combine to create a contagious air of calling it a night. But what better way to rouse the troops for one last hurrah, than an afternoon spent belting out the lyrics to rave classics between pints. 


Artwork's House Party

Rinse host, Magnetic Man and social media prince, Artwork, will be bringing his much-lauded Art's House concept to a secret location deep in the bowels of Bognor Regis. Keep your eyes and ears peeled throughout the weekend to find out the time and location, because you don't want to sleep on this one. 


Dance Music Pub Quiz

If you're the type of person who feels that two days and three nights of non-stop partying, just isn't putting enough stress on you're fragile brain, then you can take party in the dance music pub quiz, which promises to put your remaining brain cells to the test.


Tickets are still available for Bugged Out Weekender 2016, grab yours here.