A-Trak is coming to Ministry of Sound this Saturday, lets get to know him better, together


This Saturday 21st is no different, as we’re going to blessed with the presence of a man personally selected by Kanye West to be his tour DJ. Rising from fame since winning the DMC World DJ championships at 15, DJ, producer and owner of Fools Gold Records A-Trak will be taking The Box by storm on Saturday night. Known for cross pollinating between hip hop, electro and big room house, we’re not even quietly gassed to be hosting him.

Aside from the regulars (flesh, blood, fingernails), here's what we're almost 100% sure he's made up of. 


21% Fresh Sneakers

A-Trak has the best looked after feet in music. A sports shoe obsessive, he has paired with the likes of Nike and Zoo York on both foot and garm collaborations. He even has a track with Lupe Fiasco, "Me and My Sneakers" that featured on a mix specifically designed for runners. Dedication.


13% Trilby Hats

“If someone had to draw the A-Trak silhouette they’d probably put the hat” said A-Trak (about A-Trak). This hat had a Twitter account before Pharrell's hat did.


5% Tuna Melt


…and other bizarrely titled track names. We love how A-Trak and Tommy Trash managed to make an opinion dividing sandwich into a storming electro anthem, with a mentally precise video to go with it.


34% Awards Shelf

A-Trak remains the youngest ever champion of the DMC World Championships, which basically meant he beat a shit-ton of adults who’ve probably been practicing scratching for double the amount of time he’s been alive. By the time he was eighteen he’d won five world champion awards. Man can scratch.


9% Wry Humour


You’d assume somebody who turned down DJ’ing for Jay Z out of loyalty for Kanye would have to have a good sense of  humour about them. Between a hit track named after New York’s biggest gay icon and a reddit AMA peppered with one liners about hiding smaller hats under his own hat, A-Trak is perhaps Canada’s answer to Artwork.


18% Great Associates


Ever wondered why the ‘Barbra Streisand’ video by Duck Sauce has so many celebrity cameos? It’s because A-Trak’s little black book of celebrity friends is longer than the queue for a kebab shop on a Saturday night. Through his record label, his musical connections and his older brother (Chromeo's David "Dave 1" Macklovitch) being a musician, the guy’s scrolling finger must really ache when he’s browsing his address book. People he’s worked with include but are not limited to the following:

A-Trak and Kanye


A-Trak and Mark Ronson


A-Trak and Armand Van Helden


A-Trak and Steve Aoki


A-Trak, and Jay Z


A-Trak and Jack Ü


There could be a picture of A-Trak and you soon. Head over here to grab tickets for the night, where you'll also get to see T Williams, Jauz, Fake Blood amongst others.