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Tourist played at Ministry of Sound to celebrate the launch of our new Audio Range


I used to do everything from my laptop, so I'd be using emulations of synths- software that sounded like synths that weren’t real, though when you're doing music full time you save up a bit of money and you can go and buy the instruments.


Juno 106

One of my favourite synths is the Juno 106, it’s sat in my studio. It was made in 1984, it’s all completely analogue. It sounds really warm and I try and make my music sound kind of warm. It’s really reliable, really good.


The Stage Phatty

I’ve got a Moog, which I use on stage. It goes a bit out of tune, it sounds a bit funky sometimes, but it’s incredible. It’s called the Stage Phatty- I think it’s called that because it’s got a really good low end. 


Bang and Olufsen Beolit 12

Not a lot of people have the privilege of listening to their music at home on the £5000 speakers that are found in studios, you kind of have to listen on things that people will be listening on, so phones, or laptops. At home I’ve got a Bang and Olufsen Beolit 12, it’s a little wireless speaker. I can stream anything that’s on my phone, on my iPad. When I get back from the studio I can just flick it across.


AIAIAI Headphones


There’s a Danish company AIAIAI, they have really great DJ headphones called the TMA-1’s. They’re the first DJ headphones that don’t look horrendous. They’re really well built, these guys have a real respect for design. I rarely DJ, but when I do, I use these.


Apple iWatch. 

I bought an Apple watch but I didn’t like it. I really feel like I was being convinced to use it. I’m going to give to my brother-in-law. Everyone thinks you’re a wanker if you’re stood there looking at your watch. It’s the universal signal for ‘they’ve got to be somewhere else’, and if you’re looking at an email on the Apple watch, it makes you look like you have way more important places to be and I just can’t get over that. 


Technology changes, people don’t have the luxury to listen on really expensive speakers. If you have headphones they’ll only ever sound so good. I love having good speakers in the studio, there’s something beautiful about listening to music the way it was recorded, with all the intricacies. That’s always going to be a pleasure. I’m not really vinyl only, most of my music is from iTunes- most of the music I own doesn’t exist on vinyl.


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