Hanging out with Daft As Punk backstage at their first ever London show



The tribute act is usually the sole domain of pop stars and rock bands. But with the explosion in popularity of dance music in recent years, we've begun to see a steady trickle of dance music tribute acts. There's Jilted Generation (The Prodigy), Livemau5 (Deadmau5), Fatboy Tim (Fatboy Slim - Duh) and greatest amongst them all - Daft As Punk.

Daft As Punk are Eugene and James from Dublin and one day in the pub, whilst trying to figure out how to make some money and get off the dole, they struck an inspiration goldmine. Why not get some helmets, work out a set and throw a Daft Punk tribute night. The nights became so popular in Ireland that they soon began gigging in Scotland and have just wrapped up a UK tour, with a European tour to come this summer.

Part of the appeal of the Daft As Punk lads, is that when they tell you how they came up with the idea, it seems so obvious that you're practically kicking yourself that you didn't come up with it. Think about it: Daft Punk are one of the most popular acts in music, never mind dance music. They tour roughly every ten years (last one being 2007). Few people know what they look like under their masks and their music is the ultimate dancefloor fodder. How could it not succeed? 

We were so intrigued by the idea that we reached out to the guys and they invited us to come along and film their very first London show at the O2 Academy Islington.

Check out what went down when we met the world's first Daft Punk tribute act, and if you want to know where they're playing next, like them on Facebook.


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