Labour might be about to get a lot less boring


The Labour party must be feeling pretty despondent right now, having watched their ex leader land on Ibiza for a holiday that’ll probably see him taking Ushuaia by storm. Things might be looking up for all bassline loving party supporters however, because it turns out that one of the remaining faithful is also a mega dance music fan.

Chuka Umunna, MP for Streatham in South London, is no stranger to leadership, having previously run a UK garage night in Manchester back in his student days. He’s dropped hints about his musical passions in various interviews in the past, describing his DJing style as “strictly vinyl”. (Maybe he’d relate to some of our vinyl junkie habits?).

This is all pretty riveting news for fans of both the UK and UKG. A leader who knows his Moschino from his Milibands? Yes. A champagne socialist who swigs his champers from the bottle? YES. Very promising.

Whether or not  Chuka can successfully harness the power of UKG to wind up in No.10 remains to be seen, but In the meantime, here are  three tracks from his glory days. We're hoping he uses at least one of them in his leadership campaign.


Our Labour party insiders have confirmed that Sweet Female Attitude's "Flowers" received frequent rewinds on Harriet Harman's pink bus during the election campaign.


Politicians are always striving to come across as sincere members of society rather than vacuous lizard-people, so hopefully with MJ Cole's silky production, Chuka can stand out from the crowd.


Poor old dead-Ed claimed "Hell Yes, I'm Tough Enough" to Paxo before the election, but Chuka knows that dropping 'Tuff Enuff' Brown on the heads is all the machismo he needs.


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