Dimitri from Paris is the type of guy who turns up to warehouse parties in a suit - a beacon of class surrounded by self-conducted chaos. 

As the Prince of Disco arrives to play his headline show on Saturday, we take a look at some of the tracks that have inspired his most requested remixes. Whilst you’re readying your flares for Saturday night, climb into Dimitri’s record box with some of his most famous reworkings- in his own words “the only E.D.M. I play is entertaining disco music!”


Prince- I Wanna Be Your Lover (1979)

Prince’s first commercial hit, ‘I Wanna Be Your Lover’ was written in tribute to his mega crush, Patrice Rushen. Dimitri frisks the whole thing up, stripping out all but the opening piano chords until the two minutes mark, when the “I Wanna Be Your Lover” becomes more about the moves you’re pulling than the sentiment. One for the fact fans: the remix came in heavy rotation Skream’s early disco orientated sets.


Sister Sledge- Thinking of You (1984)

As Sister Sledge's popularity was quickly starting to wane, they hastily re-released “Thinking of You” as an attempted swan song in 1984. The result is a lush, understated ode to a loved one, that gets a Dimitri from Paris glitterbombing as he turns the 4 minute track into a disco odyssey of pitched up vocals and a classically lengthy intro.


Storm Queen- Look Right Through (2010)

It's difficult to disassociate “Look Right Through” from its ubiquitous MK remix, but the 2010 original had a life of its own before it was reworked for the radio. Dimitri got his star spangled hands on it and stuck it alongside edits of The Rapture, on his 2012 Erodiscomix. 


Donny Hathaway- The Ghetto (1970)

"The Ghetto" by Donny Hathaway is a slow burner of a soul track, lyric less aside from ‘The Ghetto’ repeated throughout and a few scattered vocal samples. Never missing an opportunity to funk up an otherwise melancholy beat, Dimitri’s remix installs new set of acoustic drums, steering “The Ghetto” toward happier pastures new. 

Dimitri From Paris plays alongside Horse Meat Disco this Saturday.


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