These are the tracks that kicked the hardest when dropped on Sonar's massive soundsystems


Jamie xx - "Gosh"

UK stalwart, Jamie xx, more than stepped up to the mark on Friday night, after teasing "Far Nearer" and "Take Care" he finally let rip on his own material with "Gosh" and the huge crowd erupted.


A$AP Rocky Ft. Skrillex - "Wild For The Night"

Rocky kept the crowd hyped throughout his set by throwing copious amounts of money and even some mystery substances into the crowd, but it was the drop of "Wild For The Night" that truly kicked things into overdrive.


The Chemical Brothers - "Under Neon Lights"

With their eight studio album due any day now (expected 18th July), it was almost mandatory for the Brothers to unleash some new material. Their collab with St Vincent singer, Annie Clark, coupled with their devastating new visual show, more than did the trick.


Cashmere Cat Ft. Ariana Grande - "Adore" (MssingNo Remix)

Cashmere Cat felt like a bit of a wild card booking to us, but he attracted a large crowd and didn't disappoint. His Ariana Grande featuring "Adore" practically blew the roof off. Note: we're not 100% sure if it was the original or the MssingNo Remix that was dropped, but we swear we heard the piano's of the remix.


Hudson Mohawke - "Chimes"

Hud Mo was back with a new live setup consisting of a drummer and NMBRS golden boy, Redinho, on keys. While his newer stuff was our highlight, the Barcelonian crowd gave 2014's "Chimes" the biggest reception. 


Tiga - "Plush"

Another Ministry favourite debuting a new live show, Tiga sang his way through his back catalogue, accompanied by three manikins acting as his backing dancers.


FKA Twigs - "Two Weeks"

Twigs didn't quite steal the show the way we expected her to, but there's no denying that "Two Weeks" was a big moment for everyone there.


DJ Fresh - "Hot Right Now"

Our very own DJ Fresh took the bass bins into overdrive with a showcase set including this monster.


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