Because there's so much more to French dance music than "Sexy Bitch"...



Yesterday UEFA made the shock announcement that David Guetta will be soundtracking Euro 2016 pretty much in its entirety. Apparently he's doing everything from the official song to the music you'll actually hear pumped around the stadium at the matches - like the playlister for an IRL game of FIFA. It seems David's hit the motherload and he's either the most well connect man in France, or some sort of ultra wizard.

Granted, he’s probably France’s biggest musical export, but he’s by no means their best. As 2016 will be the 15th edition of the European Cup, we thought it'd be a fun game to come up with 15 French artists that we think could do a better job than our man Guetts. Then, because that took about ten nanoseconds, we did a bonus round too.

1.     Busy P

2.     Francois K

3.     Justice

4.     DAFT PUNK - obviously!

5.     Gesaffelstein

6.     SebastiAn

7.     Laurent Garnier

8.     Brodinksi

9.     Amine Edge & DANCE

10.   Cassius

11.   Breakbot

12.   Miss Kittin

13.   Mr. Oizo

14.   Alan Braxe

15.   DJ Falcon


Bonus 15:

1.     Masomenos

2.     Joakim

3.     Para One

4.     Shiba San

5.     Tchami

6.     Yuksek

7.     Kavinski

8.     Sebastian Tellier

9.     The Teenagers

10.   Madeon

11.   Popof

12.   Apollonia

13.   Clara 3000

14.   The Mekanism

15.   Shonky


We play a whole bunch of great French artists on Ministry Radio, you should go listen to it.



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