We try to piece together the plot of Disclosure's new four-part dystopian epic music video



Disclosure have pulled a fast one on the dance music world by quietly dropping the first of a four-part dystopian epic on YouTube. The first part of the film, which clocks in at over six minutes, also serves as the video for the second debuted track from the forthcoming Caracal album. 

However this is no bog standard music video, as the cinematic filming, dark subject matter and obscure plot weave together to create an engaging story that revolves around a not-too futuristic Mexico City, where a militarised police force seems to be ruining everybody's fun. 

It's a bit of a confusing plot and we've got three more videos before we find out how it all ends up, but here's everything we know about the world of Caracal so far:


We begin in a futuristic Mexico City and introduced to Mariela, who can apparently see dead people.


Mariela hangs about with her father, Diego, who seems to 'know stuff' and also sweats a LOT.


Next up we meet the ominous Killzone-esque police force, or The Authority™ as I'm going to refer to them from now on.


They dress in all black everything, walk around looking hard and generally get up in your grill.


Oh! And they ride around in flying future cars!


It's not all bad, though. As Mariela demonstrates here, smoking while eating ice cream is still very much A Thing.


And so is going to blue-hued raves to dance with heavily pierced All Saints models.


It's not all fun and games however, as up on the roof, Diego is in a heated conversation with Andreas here about some sort of magic ink, which is apparently civilisation's "chance of peace".


But using this ink is going to be pretty dangerous. So father-of-the-year, Diego, volunteers Mariela for the job. And sweats a lot.


Later they go see a magic weed-smoking shaman.


He takes a toke from his massive blunt.


And blows the smoke on the ink (presumably to make it magic).


Mariela then gets a tattoo with the magic ink.


But, oh no! The Authority are on her trail!


But it's OK, because she gets her badass cat tattoo sorted before they arrive.


Later on, Mariela realises her sweet new ink lets her lift cars WITH HER MIND!


But all that car lifting doesn't go unnoticed and she has to flee on a motorbike with The Authority™ in hot pursuit...


How will it all turn out? Well you'll have to wait for the next three videos to find out!


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