Watch an exclusive clip from the forthcoming film charting the rise and fall of French Touch



Eden is a forthcoming feature film following the movers and shakers in the French Touch genre from 1992 through the heydays of the late 90s until today. We're introduced to Paul, an aspiring DJ who forms the duo, Cheers, with his best friend. Cheers hang around a lot of the same parties as another aspiring French duo, namely a fresh faced, maskless, Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Man De Homem-Christo. Both acts start out strong, but unfortunately for Paul, Cheers, follows a very different path from their Daft Punk compatriots.

The people behind Eden were kind enough to invite us to an advanced screening in SoHo earlier this week and we can tell you that the film's worth the visit for the soundtrack alone, but it's the twisting narrative that will keep you in your seats!


Eden hits UK cinemas on 24th July.


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