Presenting our hit list of musicians we wish made dance music


We’re willing to bet the following has happened to you: you’re sitting at a friend’s house having a couple of bevs before hitting the town and listening to the “eclectic” playlist you pal is most proud of. Suddenly a song you actually enjoy comes on and the realisation hits you of dang… Wouldn’t this song sound amazing if it had a proper dance remix?

There are some pretty talented artists who we wish would take a stab at traditional club music or at least produce house, techno, DnB, or trance in a parallel universe because we know they would absolutely kill it. Here’s who we wish tried their hand at dance music:


Arcade Fire


The Canadian Indie Rock band are a great track making machine- there’s not one song in their back catalogue that we don’t like and Win Butler’s vocal work is always top-notch. While we acknowledge that the creative process for creating deep ‘n’ dark techno or pumping electro is a far cry from how these geniuses write their music, we’d chuck in ten pence to see them try.


Dr. Dre

The former N.W.A. band member and king of west coast hip-hop would probably never dedicate his life to making 4/4 house grooves, however his skill in the studio is unparalleled. The pioneer of G-Funk has created some seriously sick beats and produced artists like Eminem, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, and countless other hip-hop legends. Maybe one day?



Some might argue that the synth-heavy music that M83 are known for is already close enough to dance music, but we think that the beautiful tunes these guys put out might be on a whole other level with more of a club driven rework. Progressive House veterans like Eric Prydz and Sasha have done the obvious and remixed M83 but we still aren’t satisfied! If anybody can convince these guys to get on the dance music train they can have our money right now.


Linkin Park

So the American band probably peaked over a decade ago… but their in-your-face alternative rock music backed by Mike Shinoda’s lyrics were always extremely innovative and still somehow deserve a place on our list. The parallels between Linkin Park and melodic forms of bass music we hear now are pretty apparent, though Chester Bennington would maybe need to scream slightly less for their future dance music productions to work.

Hans Zimmer

Hollywood’s most sought after composer is the genius behind the soundtracks for epic films like the Dark Knight trilogy, Inception, and Interstellar. While his style would probably work across the sub-genre board, we think that Zimmer trance productions would be more out-of-this-world than the movies he writes for. It would be every trance fan’s dream to hear Zimmer-infused anthems blasting from The Box at 4am. Epic.


Words: Jon Davidescu


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