Tell someone you’re spending the weekend at somewhere called ‘The City of Iron’ and they’ll think you’re at a Game of Thrones convention


We’re heading to Melt! this weekend, something that fills us with as much excitement as the (!) can only corroborate. Held in an outdoor museum of industrial cranes, Melt! has established itself as one of Europe’s most important parties, consistently in the top 3 of RA's Best Festivals in July- an accolade indeed considering there are about 5 million festivals happening this month.

Its popularity possibly lies in the fact that its line-up feels like organisers spun a wheel of genres and chose whatever the ticker landed on. Acts vary from disco grandfather Giorgio Moroder to Berghain resident Marcel Dettman, both of whom sit alongside the great Jamie’s (T + xx) of British independent music. Disco, techno, electro, blatant pop- Melt! has everything. Which is precisely why we’ve devised a new stereotype spotting game…


Techno Vikings

Ready your shoulders people, because the second you touch down on German soil the techno magnetism in the sun will raise your fists to the sky. As a festival located two hours away from what is considered to be a techno world heritage site, Melt! has a strong leaning in its line-up to the genre its homeland has come to champion. Berghain-owned label Ostgut Ton heavyweights Ryan Elliot and Marcel Dettman play Friday and Saturday night respectively. With Elliot opening for Ibiza party king Sven Vath and Dettman opening for brothers Tiefschwarz, ready yourself for long evenings of constant fist pumping.


Tote Baggers

We checked, but NME don’t seem to be an official sponsor of Melt! Funny, considering a fair few of their championed bands have been awarded top spots at the festival, proving its diversity and attention to detail. With Alt-J, Django Django, London Grammar and Jamie T spaced sporadically over the weekend, rest easy in the knowledge that there’ll be at least one point every day where you can escape the bass bins and cruise over to a crowd of left field serenity.


Dancing Queens

Kylie! Giorgo Moroder! Years & Years! Tove Lo! Melt! If the likes of Tiefschwarz (direct translation: deep black) have put off anybody who came to dance with more than just their upper body, the pleasing amount of pop on the line-up will act as a sparkle bound saviour. Let there be a ray of light permanently shining on Melt! as major chord progressions and lyrics about love cut through the darkness.


Straight Thru Crew

The final set every night ends at 7am. A stage called the Sleepless Floor opens at 7am. Go figure.


You can tune into the sounds of Melt! and more on Ministry of Sound radio right here.