DMZ and the internet took off hand in hand, growing together in the mid 00's like friends who suddenly realise they've got everything in common


The Dubstep Forum became an essential platform for DJs and fans alike to share and discuss, a community who became just as important as the music itself.

To celebrate DMZ's tenth birthday, we asked six of its members to share the tunes that made them fall in love with the music- dubstep by dubheads.


The Mighty Zulu Nation - "Justice Day" (Digital Mystikz Remix)

An often overlooked track that brings back a lot of very fond memories for me hearing this one back at DMZ. I chose this tune for the memories attached to it and being only owned by two people meant you had to hear it at either a night Mala or Joe Nice were playing at, making it extra special. Tunes not getting rinsed by every single DJ is often something nowadays missing from UK music and something I greatly miss!



Vex'd - "3rd Choice" (Loefah Remix)

I remember the first time I listened to this track. I was on the train and on my way to sixth form. It woke me up and got me ready for the day, that’s for sure! The first minute really teases you into the separate elements of the track and by about 1 minute 50 it finally drops, and as a result you land in the stomping subterranean bass depths of Mr.Loefah!



Mala - "Lean Forward"


It was always gonna be a Mala track. It could've been so many from this era, but "Lean Forward" has stayed a personal favourite since. Mad percussion to move to, but still spacey enough for you to zone out. For me it's what DMZ & dubstep was all about.

-mugga t


Skream- "Dutch Flowerz"

From one of the first albums that got me into dubstep. A tune with all the right elements. The bassline, percussion and that trumpet! Provided some great 'heads down'sessions in the dance.



Mala - "Level Nine"

This was the first Dubstep track I remember. Was shown the Five Years of Hyperdub album and this was on it and I remember thinking ‘this is it'. Takes me back to old Deep Medi xmas skanks at Corsica. Percy.



Digital Mystikz- "Neverland"

This tune takes me back to standing in Mass in Brixton @DMZ, chest rattling, hairs on the back of my neck standing up. The breakdown is emotional. Still moves me every time I hear it. 

-T_! (Macabre Unit)