Just in time for the weekend, Chris Avantgarde has put together a playlist of soothing songs for after a long night out


Terron - "No.34 Dove Part II"

Chris Avantgarde: This one would probably be the last one before ending the night out in the club. I love those hypnotising stabs and the dark feel to it but then the chords come in at the end and totally change the mood of the track. A perfect after hours or closing track for me.


Rival Consoles - "Recovery"

This one reminds me of big cities and melancholia in the morning, amazing vibes when the bass comes in.


Groundislava - "Olympia 2011"

It starts quite dark, but opens up and turns in a quite melodic and vibey record. Again big city feels, I picture the sunrise to this one.


Moderat - "Therapy"

I listen to the whole Moderat II album a lot after night outs, either in the morning or the next day, it's laid back but still catches you, every single song on this is amazing I think.


Bonobo - "Silver"

A classic for me, maybe the perfect breakfast music after a long night out.


Koreless - "Sun"

The title says it all, sun is what you want after a long night out to feel better, this one will stick in your head after the first listen, that's what happened to me.


Lune - "Leave The World Behind"

More on the melancholic side again, this interpretation of the track has been a favourite for a long time and sure is a great addition to any after night out playlist.


Jamie xx - "Gosh"

I love the whole new album and this one in particular, It reminds me of Trainspotting for some reason, it also changes the mood entirely throughout, starting quite dark and turning into an amazing melodic record, perfect for mornings.


Sampha - "Happens"

Sampha’s voice is what you need after a long night out with heavy electronic sounds, soothing like no other.


Nils Frahm - "Says"

This song actually describes a sunrise perfectly for me, I recommend listening to this laying down eyes closed, truly hypnotising and at the same time relaxing.


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