Parisian disco don, Cerrone, is headlining Glitterbox on 25th July at Ministry of Sound, here is his story


Cerrone - "Love In C Minor"

In 1976 Marc Cerrone composed, performed and recorded his debut solo track, "Love In C Minor". It was released on his own Malligator imprint and immediately gained attention due to its controversial cover.


Cerrone - "Supernature"

His third studio album, Supernature, sold over eight million copies worldwide. The title track and lead single is apparently about a mutant rebellion against humans. The mutants were created by scientists to end starvation amongst mankind, but - as always - it didn't work out for them.


Cerrone - "Je Suis Music"

"Je Suis Music" was another key single from Supernature. When the album was released it topped disco charts in the US, Canada and France. Atlantic Records threw the release party in New York and at the time it was one of the largest parties every thrown for an artist.


Cerrone - "Rocket In The Pocket"

The third single from Golden Touch had an urban slant and was the first track to really show off Cerrone's fusion capabilities.


Laura Branigan and Cerrone - "Heart Of Me"

This collaboration with "Self Control" songstress, Laura Brannigan, is unadulterated 80s maximalism.


Cerrone - "Hysteria"

Two years into the new millennium and Cerrone was back with a new sound. "Hysteria" built on the French Touch that was popular in the late 90s and added in Cerrone's trademark disco twang.


Cerrone - "Love Ritual"

The title track from Cerrone's twentieth(!) studio album was released in July 2008, nearly 30 years after his first solo release.


Cerrone - "It Had To Be You" (Daddy's Groove Magic Island Re Work)

The second single from Love Ritual was reworked by Daddy's Groove and turned into a hands in the air Ibizan monster.


Cerrone - "Tattoo Woman"

Cerrone's most recent single was released in 2009 and kinda sounds like a mix of Daft Punk and The Eagles and is every bit as awesome as that sounds.


Cerrone will be joined by Joey Negro, The Juan Maclean and Simon Dunmore. Get your tickets here.