January's over, February's here, look at all the fun you missed by being boring


At the stroke of midnight tomorrow, as January fizzles into February, people all over the country will momentarily be shaken from the sweet oblivion of Saturday night as the most boring person in their friendship group makes a big show of having their "first drink after dry January". 

They'll probably expect you to congratulate them or, if they're proper dickheads, they might even expect you to offer to pay for the drink. It goes without saying that you should do neither of these things. 

You've been through enough already. A whole month of listening to endless self aggrandising about what a challenge it was, how much money they're saving and how much healthier they're feeling; while you continue to drink through your overdraft, like some suicidal goldfish. 

In moments like this you need to convey that, while your friend may see this as some photo-finish moment at the end of their self-involved quest for wellbeing and a personality, to you (and everyone else) it's just the fourth Saturday of 2015 and it's pretty much business as usual.

So when your smug friend comes shuffling over on Saturday night, just give them a smile and show them these photos we took the other week at Bugged Out Weekender and let them see all the fun they missed out on by being boring.


Photos by: Jake Lewis


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