In honour of the 87th Oscar Awards this Sunday, we rundown raves in movies from best to worst.


BEST: Studio 69 from Austin Powers: Goldmember

What's not to like about studio 69? Sure it's owned by a maniacal Dutchman obsessed with gilding people's private parts. But once you get past that, you've got an authentic 70s roller disco, an all-gold-everything bar, great soundtrack and not to mention live vocals from Queen Bey herself. Out of every party on the list, this is the only one we'd queue in the rain for.


Vampire Techno Rave from Blade

Probably one of the most no-nonsense openings to any Hollywood action flick, this underground techno rave from Blade has become engraved in the modern clubbing conscious. The scenes of PVC-clad vampires dancing in what appears to be a massive abattoir (even before the blood sprinklers kick in) are invoked in our minds-eye every time we're invited to a warehouse rave. Of course the real life version is always a lot more grimy, sweaty and squatty than the Blade version, but then again they do have less vampires.


Eyeball Paul's Residency - Kevin & Perry Go Large

Sure the film has dated pretty badly and the jokes leave a lot to be desired, but just look at how much fun Kevin's parents are having! If Eyeball Paul can get a pair of middle-England soft Torries going 'mad for it' on the Cream dancefloor, then you know it's at least worth a look-in.


Christmas Warehouse Rave - Go

We couldn't find an actual clip from the warehouse rave in Go, so you'll have to make do with the very 90s trailer. Although the film is pretty much a cut and paste Pulp Fiction knockoff with added ecstasy, the rave in question does look like it'd be a pretty good night out. Climbing through the painted-neon monsters jaws to open up into a huge warehouse blasting late 90s acid house on Christmas Eve is definitely something we can go for.


Disco Truck Party!!! - Party Monster

A party in the back of a truck driven by a tripping, transvestite, Marilyn Manson and hosted by a soon-to-be murderer may sound like a good idea (it doesn't). But unfortunately for Macaulay Culkin's Michael Alig, things don't work out too well and the party is cut short by the police. Although the actual party was a total washout, we'd give this one a go, if only to top up our anecdote arsenal.


The Babylon - Scarface

Not only is The Babylon frequented by crooked cops, the criminal elite and bitchy models, but the music policy, dress-code and live entertainment are all pretty dreadful to boot. It's a definite "no thanks" from us, and that's before we even mention all the assassinations!


Empty Club in Malia - The Inbetweeners Movie

We've all been there, the hopes of an epic night dashed by the deafening silence of an empty dancefloor. Most people either leave or drink through the awkwardness, but you've got to give it to The Inbetweeners for at least giving it a go. That said, we wouldn't even give this costa del cliche a token 'attending' on Facebook.


WORST: The End of the Line Club - TRON: Legacy

You'd think that having Daft Punk as residents would make The End of the Line Club the most desirable of all the fictional parties. But the people behind TRON: Legacy have somehow made this greyscale neon nightmare seem even less fun than an empty dancefloor in Malia... no wonder the film flopped.


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