This week's festive treat comes all the way from the West Coast



With hopes that her mix will leave "your ears and your soul with a special feeling", Kronika delivers a mix that blends all the best traits of downbeat hip hop into one 45 minute wind down.

A Manila born A&R gamer, Kronika took the time to answer some questions around what it's like being part of the Soulection family, and most importantly, when she's coming to the UK.


MoS: Hey Kronika! We hear your name came about because you used to be a gamer. What were you into?

Kronika: Yes, Kronika was my handle in Counter Strike way back when it first came out in the Philippines around the year 2000. I was in college then and I loved playing/battling at internet cafe's around campus coz it was always more fun playing with friends :D


You moved to the States from the Philippines… how does partying in the motherland compare to America?


Partying back home is and will always be the best! Unlike all bars/clubs here in the states, there is no last call at 2am lol. We pretty much party til the sun rises or until you can't party no more hahaha.


Tell us about what you do for Soulection.

I'm one of the DJ's on the roster, also the first female to join the crew in 2011 as well. I used to do A&R during the first two to three years and would normally share/forward whatever music/artists I happen to find/meet. I guess nowadays we all just share whenever we please..


What’s the best part of being part of one of the most enviable music crews in the world?


Best bit of being a part of Soulection will always be the fact that music always surrounds us. It's what binds us all together in the first place. Also when people from every part of the world extend their love and respect and tell me that they are inspired by what I or the crew have been doing throughout these years. I always, ALWAYS take every single one who has expressed their kind and supportive words to heart. :)


What’ve you put into this mix for us?


A mix of choons that'll move you for sure ;)


What sort of music do you like to party to?

Any type of music that I can dance/groove/headnod/bodyroll/dab to!


Finally, when can we see you in the UK?


That will be the day! <3


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