Running three major dance projects is a certified way to get people talking about you


With Major Lazer, Jack U and solo work under his bulging belt, Diplo has been responsible for 40 million Shazam hits this year, making him the most sought after artist on the app. Its all down to the successes of his tri-blend of musical outputs, or "Lean On", "Where Are U Now" and "Be Right There".


Since its release at the start of the year, Lean On has become Spotify’s most streamed song with its video ranking in as the 19th most streamed video on YouTube. To date it has been Shazamed 27 million times.



Its success makes Where Are U Now’s 9.6 million Shazams pale in comparison. The product of Diplo and Skrillex putting their trust in Justin Bieber, the track put the once universally disliked pop star back on the cultural map and opened the doors to a Skrill becoming Bieber’s new favourite producer.



Pulling in to make the last third of a Shazam conquering cake is "Be Right There", Diplo’s personal release with Canadian producer, Sleepy Tom. Barely promoted (it doesn’t even have a video) it takes a twenty three year old vocal sample (Jade- ‘Don’t Walk Away’), turning it from an R&B lament to a ‘know-whatta-mean’ air cannon blaster.



Diplo made the announcement in typically self-deprecating yet grandiose fashion, thanking his fans but also berating Shazam for using a seven year old photo to promote it- cos that's what's important here.