Scared of shaking a leg this festive season because your moves aren't up to scratch?


Considering the calibre of music video this year, you can't really be blamed. Dance music videos don't often lend themselves to superb visual accompaniments, but this year's been an on-screen turn up for the books.

Choreography, outfit changes, teams of backing dancers: so many artists have jumped out of the box, onto a plane and into a video shoot you'd have thought dance music has become as high budget as pop.

Oh wait.

Big budget, radio friendly, borderline lollypop sweet, these are five of the best from a year of dance music videos. 


KDA - "Turn The Music Louder" (Rumble) ft. Tinie Tempah & Katy B


Call us biased, but finding yourself behind the scenes on a video like "Rumble" is enough to make it a favourite. Watching Katy B and Tinie Tempah twirl their way through a track loved by Toddla T and remixed by Armand Van Helden is enough to keep it on repeat for at least another ten plays. Transformed into a real life pop art character with a crew of vogueing monochrome dancers, "Rumble" saw an effortlessly stylish return for Katy B, and a warm welcome for a bold newcomer in KDA.


Major Lazer - "Lean On" (ft. MØ)


The most streamed song on Spotify needed to have some good visuals to go with it, and Major Lazer and MØ did not disappoint. The most deliciously colourful video of the year, Lean On’s vibrant aesthetics are sourced directly from India, a place that Diplo has said “embodies the essence of Major Lazer”. Everyone gets involved in the routines here, to varying success (Jillionaire's 'screw-the-lightbulb' certainly carries a certain je-n'ai-sais-pas), though its MØ who really kills it.


Years and Years - "King"


If the choreography in this beautifully brutal video for "King" looks familiar it’s because you’ve seen it before. Ryan Heffington took charge of the steps in Sia’s "Chandelier" and "Elastic Heart", and has applied the same physicality to Years & Years' No.1 track this year. Band members find themselves thrown, tumbled and dragged by a bunch of white clad dancers, bringing the claustrophobic nature and eventual release of the track to life. Maybe not one to try and impress your friends with. 



Sigala - "Easy Love"

Nothing like a pair of extremely talented children to make you feel better about what you’ve done in a day. The Lucky Aces are Canadian duo Lucky and AC, both twelve and both carrying steps that’ll have you thinking "how hard can this be" about five minutes before googling 'hip replacement'. Responsible for bringing strictly good vibes to the breeziest song of the Autumn, "Easy Love" gets that little bit sweeter with the flavour of these dance moves.


Justin Bieber - "Sorry"


Does it matter that Justin Bieber’s managed to go from zero to almost likeable in less than a year? Does it matter that he owes almost all of this to Diplo and Skrillex? It probably does matter to someone, but who cares, seeing as this is the dopest video. All dancing, all girls, all 🔥🔥🔥. Is it too late now to say sorry? Absolutely not Justin, keep saying it over and over again, just as long as we get to keep watching this video.


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