Every single one of the year's most aggravating pop songs, rolled into one? Right here


Proving to be one of the most popular videos of the year, DJ Earworm’s music video bumper pack stitches together the tracks you’ve spent 2015 trying to get out of your head. From The Weeknd to Ellie Goulding, Bieber to Adele, hold onto your heartstrings for five minutes of nostalgia.



Aside from its inadvertent tear jerker status (srsly), Earworm’s annual pop bonanza is a decent aural indicator of the sounds we’ve spent the year lapping up, hopping from one track to another to create a footpath through easily digestible melodies.

Where last year’s collection was perforated by the guy from Maroon 5 crooning about how ‘you can do what you want to do (baby)’, the sound of 2015 is much more downbeat.


Peppered with Bieber’s pitched up "Where Are U Now" pan-pipe vocals, 50 Shades of Pop (as its been called) is a ballad like saga of longing, lusting and Adele, whose last minute swoop in, pulled the rug out from anyone who thought they were in with a chance for song of the year.

Someone else who’ll likely be feeling smug with themselves is Diplo, who pretty much engineered the sound of chart music this year. From Jack U to Major Lazer to probably a handful of production credits we know nothing about, Thomas Wesley Pentz is this year's pop music sugar daddy - whether we like it or not.