It's a London thing for day two of Mix Mas with Michael Woods



Michael will be playing our club early next year, so we thought we'd catch up with him over email about his Christmas plans, his predictions for 2016 and his new single, "London Baby".


Mix Mas will be running every day over the Christmas period on Ministry of Sound, so make sure you check back tomorrow for another exclusive mix!


MoS: Hi Michael! You’re originally from the UK but now live out in America, how have you found the transition from UK to stateside audiences?

Michael Woods: Pretty easy to be honest. The US crowd are very into their music and love to party.


What’s the thing you miss most about the UK?

Cadburys chocolate and Sun Pat peanut butter. Every time I come home I fill a suitcase full of it and take back stateside with me. Also a decent news channel.


What’s the thing you miss least about the UK?

The unpredictable weather. I'm now based in Nevada and it's so nice to have some consistency.


Obviously EDM and big room has become huge in America, where do you think the US scene will go next?

Who knows!? It's so difficult to predict these things here. Trends change all the time. I'm sure that EDM and big room house will always have a place in the market though but like in the UK, electronic music will keep pushing forward.


You’ve released on our label before and played our club on a few occasions, what keeps you coming back to Ministry?

That DJ booth! I love it... Great equipment, amazing sound (one of the best I've ever heard).There's nothing like playing there and feeling the support from your home town crowd.


2016 will be our 25th birthday, can you remember where you were and what you did for your 25th birthday?

Hahaha.... Well that was quite some time ago now so I don't remember specifically but I'm sure there was some Tequila involved.


Your new track is called “London Baby” and it sounds like a bit of a departure for you, how did this track come about?

I'm always exploring new sounds and try to stay fresh. I have a wide range of musical tastes so try to incorporate this with my own music.


With Christmas just around the corner, can you recommend three things our readers should definitely do in London over Christmas?

- Check out the Ice Skating at the Tower of London.

- Take a loved one to Winter Wonderland.

- Drink some mulled wine at a local pub.


December is a time for end of year lists, can you name your:

Artist of 2015?

Oliver Heldens or Martin Garrix


Track of 2015?

Martin Garrix VS Matisse & Sadko - "Break Through the Silence"


Album of 2015?

Ed Sheeran - X


Trend of 2015?

Man buns!!! (But why!?)


What you want to see more of in 2016?

Star Wars movies.


What you want to see less of in 2016?

The Kardashians


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